How to take 360° photos with the smartphone?

The first step in order to take 360°  photos with your smartphone is to install the latest version of the Google Street View App (android or iOS). The possibility to take photosphere should appear in the app of your camera. The important thing is that the photos are spherical and not cylindrical, as for example it could happen if you use the panoramic photo function of the smartphone’s native camera app. Alternatively, check if the pre-installed application on your mobile has the ability to take spherical photos, if necessary follow the guided procedure.

Taking virtual 360° photos with your smartphone requires a little practice; specifically, do not position yourself near furniture and objects. The limit of taking photosphere with the mobile phone is just that. The good thing is that it’s free and you won’t have to buy specific cameras, even if the price of the cameras has dropped a lot in recent years. So start practicing taking 360-degree virtual photos with your mobile phone.

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